Earn Tron TRX Dividends by playing games

Earn Tron TRX Dividends by playing games. We already know that Tron tokens can be earned by voting for super representatives on tronscan.

You can also earn dividens by playing Tron dapps. While you are playing the games you wil earn (mine) tokens which you can freeze/stake to gain dividends. Each platform has their own token. The price for mining increases every round. Early players have the cheapest mining. Most of the platforms payout their dividends on a daily basis.

To play these games you need the Tron Link browser extension: Install Tron Link here You can import your TRX wallet or create a new one using Tron Link. Add TRX to your wallet and you are ready to play.

Here is an overview of the most popular TRX platforms where you can gain TRX dividends:

Poker Tron – Play Poker and earn TRX and PKR tokens. Freeze PKR for Dividends.
Play on 888Tron, freeze your 888 tokens and receive divs every other day!

TronBet – The first dapp ever on the Tron Blockchain Earn ANTE tokens by playing games on TronBet. Freeze the ANTE tokens and receive daily dividends! Click here to start playing on TronBet
Fishing master – Catch fish and earn Tron. Freeze your fish tokens for dividends!
/Tron Crazy Dogs – Bet on the dog races on the Tron Blockchain – Freeze your DOG tokens to receive daily divivdends.

Tronext – Earn TNX tokens by playing games.
– Freeze TNX for Hourly TRX dividend payout
Play PokerDice – Freeze PKD Tokens for Tron Dividends


TronVegas Earn VCOINS, stake them, and receive daily Tron TRX dividends. Start playing TronVegas Here
Tron Raider – Beat the monster and Stake your Ruby tokens for dividends!

Play the Lucky Slots or the Dice game on Tron Go, earn Go tokens and receive dividends.


TronFun Play on TronFun to mine FUN tokens. Stake the tokens to receive dividends. Dividends can be withdrawn manually.

TronWin – Play games on TronWin to mine WIN tokens. Lock the WIN tokens to receive TRX dividends. Start Playing on TronWin
Play on TronEgypt, Freeze EGC for Tron dividends

PLAYFUN is the first DAPP integrating betting game, digital wealth wallet and digital trade.  Mine PLAY tokens for divs.

Get Tron (TRX) – Pay With Visa or Mastercard:

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