888Tron – Great dividends

888Tron is currently the second big player in the Tron Dapp (gambling) space. Currently the platform has a dividend pool of >15 million (March 11 2019). They payout Tron dividends every other day to all people who have locked their 888 tokens. The tokens can be earned by playing on the platform. After the dividend payout time is reached, you will have to unfreeze your 888 tokens to receive the dividends. Every 2 days the stage is increased and the price for mining 888 tokens is increased with 10TRX . Currently we are at stage 17, which means that you have to wager 870 Tron to receive one 888 Token. Tomorrow this will be 890 Tron per 888 token and so on…
Play on this platform now and get in early to receive great divs!


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