New Tron DAPP: Basketball Game

Play the Tronshot game and hit the baskets to win Tron. Mine TNBA Tokens while playing, stake the TNBA tokens and receive dividends.

The Tronshot game platform uses the ‘game is mining’ to issue own TRC 20 token: TNBA, you can get it through games and invitations. At the end of each game, the TNBA will be awarded according to the current game release amount. Invite users to receive an additional 10% of the number of TNBA for this user reward.
Holders of TNBA token will become a member of TNBA (TRON Professional Basketball League), earning dividends by freezing the tokens! In the future, when the 3D version of tronshot is online, the holder will be given priority in purchasing and participating in the tournament. Start playing Tronshot now:

Tron Shot

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